Website Creation With WordPress – 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes happen everywhere and website creation is no exception. Make sure to avoid the following common mistakes when creating website with WordPress:

1. Leaving the “admin” username unchanged

2. Ignoring periodic wordpress updates

3. Not bothering to select a mobile responsive theme

4. Managing website with default favicon

5. Too complex navigation structure and improper classification of posts

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Kingston SSD V300 Brings Life To Your Old Computer

Replace your hard drive with a Kingston SSD V300 and increase the life of your computer. Migrating personal data from your computer to a new system can be very cumbersome. Now all you need to do is to install a SSD in your computer. With SSD V300 your system becomes very responsive in a cost efficient way. Also enjoy free technical support from Kingston.

This increases the speed of your computer. The applications get loaded faster and the system too boots up in no time. Made up of solid state parts, it is reliable and less prone to failure. Easy and user friendly installation and amazing features makes it a great value for money. Since it is made up of solid parts it is shock proof and does not get damaged even if it falls. It runs so silently that you would not even be aware of it. It also prevents heating up your computer.

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Different Ways to Get Super White High-Gloss Furniture

The best way to get white high gloss furniture is to apply paint and then add a high-gloss lacquer finish to the wooden furniture. While you can do it at home yourself, it is good to get a professional to do it so as to get a uniform sheen. The only major problem with any high-gloss and white high-gloss, in particular, is that because of its smooth finish the slightest defect is clearly visible.

While it is absolutely beautiful, lacquer is not the best in durability or water resistant. There are other ways to achieve high-gloss including using premium quality high-gloss lacquers in conjunction with thermoformed doors. This gives a super smooth surface and also makes the finish highly durable. Click here if you need white high gloss bedroom furniture in cheap rate.

Another option is the solid acrylic panels, which are relatively new, but it is becoming popular.

A slightly less expensive option is a thin acrylic panel laid on MDF that looks aesthetic but yet inexpensive.

History of Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is a Microsoft ERP product.

Way back in 2002 Microsoft acquired Navision an accounting suite. That is where the NAV in Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes from. The software is a part of Microsoft Dynamics family and is intended to help with manufacturing, finance, management, customer relationship, supply chains, electronic commerce and analytics for small and medium-sized businesses, or local branches of a larger international group.

Navision itself came from a company called Personal Computing and Consulting based in Denmark. In 1987 PC&C release their first version of Navision that allowed more than one user to use the system at the same time. The product was such a great success that the company was renamed to Navision Software A/S.

Till 1990, the product was sold only in Scandinavia and after that the company started expanding their sales to other European countries and UK. 1995 saw a marked change with MS Windows based Navision being released. In 2000 there was another change with the company merging with Damgaard another Danish firm. In 2002, Microsoft acquired Navision and renamed it to Microsoft Business Solutions.

In 2003 though Microsoft announced a new ERP system, they decided to stick to their four different ERP systems (Dynamics family). In 2005, the new re-branded Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV was released.

IAPT PG Dip CBT Course in Denmark hill London

With growing developments being laid out in the competencies of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy studies, many researchers have started to develop and evaluate the available methodologies and practices in this regard, after the recent guideline norm of NICE for anxiety disorders and feeling of severe dejection gained limelight.A PG diploma in CBT is said to be offered from Denmark Hill Campus of King’s College London as part of DoH’s continuous efforts to provide training on psychology.

The graduates will be presented with real-time IAPT services as part of their training in proof-oriented CBT for elderly people. The key benefits of this course are that the graduates are molded to become a certified CBT specialist, in line with the guidelines of BABCP and the teachers come from an extensive practical & technical developmental background in CBT and faculties who are serving in certified institutes of psychology and clinics of South London &Maudsley NHS Trust. This diplomatic course is designed in such a way that it covers a complete set of requirements expected to be mastered by the trainees attending the course for getting accredited by BABCP. Visit to know why it is one of the most effective types of psychotherapy. Once successfully completed, trainees can register themselves with BABCP, as an accredited CBT practitioner.

Choosing engineered wood flooring – the details you need to know


Interior designers suggest engineered wood flooring to give a wilderness feel to the rooms. The best substitute to real wood flooring is veneer, which is a thin layer of wood sandwiched with other thin layers at the bottom.

These engineered boards are cut at 90 degrees to avoid loosening due to movement. This flooring is best suitable indoors for living rooms, dining rooms and besides fireplaces. It is best to avoid laying it in the bathrooms, where there is moisture retention. Avoid outside patios as weather changes can cause erosion. There are various wood species like oak, maple and walnut which are popular in the market.

From the design aspect, you can choose from various textures along with lacquers like matt, sheen and satin. The grainy and speckled textures can camouflage your permanent stains. Sheen wood lacquers are easy to clean and increase the lifespan of the floor. The installation process is also easy as you just have to place the engineered one over your concrete floor with proper adhesive.

The thicker the veneer, the more expensive is it. Nowadays with different choices, interest in interior designs, allocation of budget for latest in home trends, engineered flooring has come a long way from the traditional wood or tile flooring. Best provider in UK: